Regarding myself…

Ciao! If you see random Italian around here that would be because I’ve taken two semesters of the language, one of them while in Rome. I love Rome.

Basically explaining the title of the site will let you know about me.

GIRL I mean at this point I’m in my 20s but I still feel so young sometimes. Because I am. But I got to study and travel in Europe for almost nine months and that changed me – only for the better.

Since returning to the States I’ve realized that it is so so so important to try to live as if you are traveling, even when you’re home – for me that means not getting too bogged down in stuff (though I love clothes and glassware and anything kitchen related), making sure I breathe (consciously, as in , stopping everyday to listen to my breath), not slugging through (which is kind of my default), and finally, finding all that is awesome in the States. You don’t have to go abroad to find breath taking places.

PEN I’m an English Major with a Creative Writing concentration. While in England, I got to participate in a writing workshop at the Jane Austen House and Museum about FOOD. Which I realize every day more and more how appropriate that was. I might share some of my writing on here. I love CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

SPOON I love cooking and baking. Baking provides me another creative outlet in addition to writing, and one I didn’t realize was so important until I got home and started baking something new every few days. I’m not trained, but I’ll never post a recipe I haven’t tried and tested and maybe tweaked for my personal tastes.

Well, that about says it for now! Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to read this. Send me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions or, well, comments.




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